Get to know our background

The Marketing Wave was created before NOMA was a non-profit association or part of Junior Enterprises Portugal. It came from an old dream of bringing together students and professionals in a hub of debate and dialogue, putting Marketing in the spotlight for the first time at Nova SBE.

The first edition happened in April 2018, in the Campolide Campus. It was baptised Marketing Week and each day had a theme: Sports, Luxury, Travel and Tech. During these four days, NOMA held talks, discussion panels, workshops, a case competition and even a wine tasting. From the beginning, NOMA aimed at a combination of established companies – such as Adidas, Lamborghini, TAP and Pestana Hotel Group – and up and coming firms – such as Kick-up, Castelbel, Climber and YuBuy, as a way to deliver different perspectives to the audience and to give the stage to smaller firms making a difference. On the last day, after the schedule, the Marketing Week closed with a sunset to the sound of a jazz quartet overlooking Lisbon.

The 2019 edition was the first in Carcavelos Campus, and to open it to more topics, the Marketing Wave did not have specific days, but rather a theme that guided all topics: Visualise Tomorrow’s Market. NOMA invited companies such as Uber, Fox, Alameda Turquesa and REBIS Consulting to discuss the future of their industries. This was an important year because here NOMA welcomed its first professionals in the audience. And this opened so many opportunities! The Marketing Week’s networking potential was enormous when factoring in these individuals not only as guests but in the audience. Once again, the event closed with a cocktail, this time bathed by the sunset light over Carcavelos beach, to the sound of an acoustic guitarist.

In 2020, the Marketing Wave was born, with the same intent but as an event for both students and professionals. NOMA left the small auditoriums and set up the Marketing Wave at Nova SBE’s ample entrance, with high glass ceilings and filled with light. Sessions became shorter and more interactive, with networking moments during coffee breaks. During two days, companies such as SL Benfica, P&G, DigiPlanet and Isto. shared their expertise with as many students as industry professionals. Even professors joined the conversation. This time, NOMA chose a DJ for the closing sunset.

The recipe has not changed much in the past three editions, nor has the spirit behind the event. 

So, this year, will you catch Marketing Wave?